About Us

Having spent most of our working life living ‘on the job’ in a vicarage and in schools we realised that eventually we would need a home to retire to one day… so Creag House was built in 2011 and we used it as a holiday home for our family of four boys.

As the years went by we found it harder and harder to leave Skye. We had totally fallen in love with the stunning scenery, tranquillity of the place and the warmth of the local people – so in the summer of 2018 we ditched the stress and traffic of the South and moved up. We built a hen house, bought 12 chickens and have not looked back.

The four sons have all grown up and there are now daughters-in-law and grandchildren. We still just manage to all fit into this wonderful home once a year at Christmas and the rest of the time we happily share Creag House with guests from around the world; we have become very proficient at making beds, baking cakes and cooking eggs.

Creag House has all the wonderful benefits of a new build with its underfloor heating, great insulation, fantastic drenching showers and a roof that doesn’t leak; it is also full of warmth and character and to top it all we built it in the most beautiful place in the world.

Please be aware that we share Creag House with Angus (a naughty working cocker) and Amber (a beautiful labrador, almost well behaved) and Clara (a fat lazy cat) They are rarely seen or heard but obviously this is not the place if you are allergic to dogs and cats.